A little about me

Hi, I'm Claire

I am MAD! Making A Difference. (MAD for short and because it usually gets a laugh and we need to laugh more these days :)

Leaders Are MAD, was born from my passion to inspire and enable people to achieve more success for less stress, making a significant difference for themselves & their organisation.

I had a career in Senior Management and Executive Director roles across diverse industries and major brands before branching out on my own. I learned from some amazing and some awful leaders. I apply this experience, my knowledge, skills, training, coaching qualifications and an MBA to help my clients.

Helping leaders & their teams create a 'Ripple effect' of success throughout the organisation and the communities in which they operate.

I love my work!



What I do

My work with clients is all about Performance and Potential. I coach individuals and teams to improve their performance and achieve their potential.  I coach leaders in any leadership role including Executive Directors. Should you need a speaker for an event, I can engage an audience with a variety of leadership topics.

If you're not sure what you want or need, you just know you want to improve performance or potential for yourself, others or your organisation then book a free initial consultation and we can go from there!


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Benefits of coaching 

Are you stepping into a new role or facing shifting goal posts? Navigating a new boss or tougher challenges? Seeking more fulfilment and success with less stress? You're not alone, and you don't have to face these challenges by yourself.

As an Executive Leadership Performance Coach with over two decades of experience, I specialise in helping leaders like you thrive in today's complex business landscape. Here's how I can support you:

Clarity: Cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters.

Motivation: Ignite your passion and drive to reach new heights.

Alignment: Align your goals with your organisation's vision and your personal values.

Creativity: Foster innovative thinking to solve complex problems.

Results: Achieve tangible outcomes that reflect your leadership potential.

Whether you're an Executive Director, senior leader, or aspiring executive, I'm here to help you make this year your best year yet. Together, we'll leverage your unique strengths, overcome challenges, and create a transformative impact on your leadership journey.

Ready to Make A Difference? 

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I wrote a book!

Super Neuro You

PHOTO-2021-04-21-22-36-13Do you feel stuck in an exhausting pattern of behaviour? Do you have more to offer but not the energy to offer it? Do you hold on to the past, worry about the future and miss out on the present? Do you have parts of you that sabotage your success, happiness and health? Do you want to be a positive role model for others? Do you want to become a super powered version of you? Are you prepared to invest in a journey of self-discovery to achieve peak performance?

In my best selling book, Laura Masters was feeling all of these and after working with me as her coach she succeeded in achieving her ideal vision of success, living an authentic life where she has purpose and her values are aligned leading to peak performance in her leadership role and all other aspects of her life!

Follow Laura’s coaching journey with me. Learn how to access your superpowers, develop your authenticity, access peak performance and achieve more success for less stress!

Whilst reading the book you also have access to tons of resources using a password in the book, which will lead you back to an exclusive resources section in this website. Try exercises to help you boost your superpowers and manage your superpower zappers. The story in the book is about a woman, however the lessons she learns apply to all genders and backgrounds in my experience working with clients.

You can also buy the Journal ‘Super Neuro Me’ and make your own notes as you read, learn, try the exercises and learn some more. Also available on Amazon.

Check out the Super Neuro You Individual Coaching Programme
  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    “Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Seeing the coaching journey through the lens of Laura made this a really different style and together with the practical exercises it’s a great and very digestible read.”

    HR Director

  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    “Great read! A great guide to achieving your Highest Potential Self and the science to back up the exercises. The story is relatable (even to a man!). With access to all the resources on the website, it is excellent value for money, giving you everything you need to achieve your highest potential self! Highly recommend!”

    (Amazon review)

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I am an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. 

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