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Hi, I'm Claire.

I'm proud to work with MAD Leaders! Leaders who see their sole purpose is to find their unique contribution, make a difference for their teams, their organisation and the customers and communities they serve. They do what many leaders don’t do and that is…they start with themselves. They work on achieving their Highest Potential Self as the foundation for their leadership impact. As a result, they achieve more success for less stress. Beyond developing themselves they also develop their teams and people throughout the organisation creating a 'Ripple effect' of success.


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I can help you achieve more success for less stress, learn more about my book, my group coaching programme and one to one coaching. Click above to find out more.


Your teams are the key to creating success for you & your organisation. Click above to find out how I can help your team work even more effectively together.


I can speak at your events & design and deliver workshops to develop the capability & culture in your organisation.  Click above to find out more.


Do you want to achieve more success for less stress? Click above for details of my book & a link to The Group Coaching Programme to help you improve self - leadership and create a positive ripple effect!




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