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Humans of Fuzia article - Coaching leaders to achieve success - November 2021


claire 125 May 2021

Claire Walton, author of Super Neuro You, on how her book can help achieve more with less stress

Interview by Ceri Wheeldon

Claire Walton talks about how she combined her experience as a coach and her love of journals to write and publish her first book. 


ClaireWalton_334 May 2021

Why you should get rid of toxic influences in your life and tips on how to do this…

Author Claire Walton writes a piece for Female First upon the release of her new book Super Nero You.

As we come through the Covid-19 pandemic, a time when the importance of self-compassion and the ripple effects of our positive and negative mental, emotional and physical health are widely recognised, Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of Leaders Are MAD - Making A Difference, Claire Walton, 52 from North Yorkshire, released her debut book, in which she shares how achieving your Highest Potential Self (HPS) can not only bring out the best in you, for you, but also lead to incredible lasting change in those you influence.


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