I actively raise funds for My Sisters Place with various personal challenges, launch day Kindle sales and by running group coaching events where all revenues to to MSP.


A quick video of me and Verity Stangroom - Chief Fundraiser at My Sisters Place.
My Sisters Place is the charity I am raising much needed funds for by completing 1 Year without any sugar treats! 

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As if depriving myself of sweet treats wasn't enough I signed up for this years

"CEO SLEEPOUT" in Newcastle. 


I can't imagine what it would be like to live on the streets, without, shelter, a bed, warmth, a hot meal

and clean running hot water. By the grace of god, or luck, health, or other circumstances most of us are

lucky enough to have the basics and much, much, more. Yes we probably also work very hard for what

we have but luck also plays a part.

We were lucky it was a mild night and we had security and clean toilets with hot running water!

Thank you to everyone who donated. Your help is much appreciated. The Newcastle team raised almost £90,000 this year.

I am grateful every day that I have what I have.

If you feel the same please support this wonderful charity.

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