Workshops for 2023!

Most Popular workshops 

Workshops can be facilitated ‘in-person’ with an additional supplement based on location and travel time.

Online workshops fully utilise Pro Zoom features to optimise interaction and engagement, such as, polls, breakout rooms, whiteboards, and chat, which can be saved and sent out to participants afterwards. All slides used during the workshop are also sent out after the sessions after if appropriate and requested they can also be recorded.

Workshops at the rate below are ‘off the shelf’, for a small extra fee they can be redesigned more specifically for your needs.

There are many more workshops available to support leadership and organisational development.

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Peak Performance Workshop - £3000 plus VAT

Max Group size 50 - ‘in person’ only - You provide the venue

A Powerful Workshop for Leaders in Progressive Organisations
Includes access to a membership site with tonnes of extra resources to support delegates after the workshop

edc2605a9e Participating in Super Power You is an   opportunity to:

  •  Develop a Mindset for Success
  •  Clarify a Vision of Success
  •  Identify a Massively Motivational   Purpose
  •  Determine a Personal Peak   Performance Strategy (PPPS)
  •  Leave with a Toolkit full of practical   tools for delivering on a Personal   Peak Peak Performance Strategy (PPPS)

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Values, Purpose, Vision and Strategy Workshops - From £2000 plus VAT
From Exec Teams to all employee engagement events
These workshops are designed for you and your specific needs. They range from one day workshops with Exec teams to several days depending on how much work you have invested to date on your journey to completely understanding and working with your values, purpose, vision of success and strategy.
Once you have your Exec team and other Leaders onboard we can also work together to engage all your employees in the foundations and direction of your organisation.

Mastering Resilience - £1200 plus VAT

Maximum group size 12 for online - more for in person

Workshop-imageA 2 ½ hour workshop for mixed groups of leaders or intact teams. 

The workshop includes input from me plus facilitated shared learning from each participant’s own experience. There is a pre-workshop questionnaire for participants to complete and the content focusses on the group’s results. At the end of the workshop the participants make commitments to action and follow up with their line manager.

Coaching People Through the Change Rollercoaster - £2000 plus VAT

Maximum group size 12 for online - more for in person

Workshop-image4A 5-hour workshop helping leaders understand; the emotional journey through transition to change becoming the new norm, the coaching approaches recommended for supporting and enabling people through the transition period and how to develop or build on fundamental coaching skills to be effective.

During the workshop participants will also be encouraged to learn from their personal experience of transition and share this experience alongside their leadership strategies.

Accessing Your Superpowers! - £1000 plus VAT

Maximum group size 30

Based on the Superpowers in my best selling book - “Super Neuro You”.

A 90- mins high energy workshop sharing an understanding of 9 superpowers and how we can access them to achieve more success for less stress! What’s not to like ☺


Brilliant Conversations - £3000 plus VAT

Maximum group size 12 for online - more for ‘in person'

2 x 3 ½ hour workshops with plenty of breaks and a mixture of online and offline activity. Split over two separate days. The workshop will enable all participants to have brilliant conversations about performance, development, and growth, leading to increased accountability, enhanced relationships, and unleashed potential.


Content includes:

  • How to optimise brain function for brilliant conversations that develop high trust relationships.
  • How to control unhelpful emotions.
  • How to make potentially difficult conversations easy.
  • How to have less Low Trust behaviours, & more High Trust behaviours.
  • How to avoid the addiction to being right.
  • How to Pause between stimulus and response.
  • How to prime for trust.
  • How to monitor for impact.
  • How to drill down for meaning.
  • How to ask great questions.
  • How to listen to connect.
  • How to effectively contract for agreement.

Understanding and addressing diversity and Inclusion - £2000 plus VAT

Maximum group size 12 online  - more for ‘in person’

Workshop-image3A 5-hour workshop for a diverse range of participants in your organisation to open up the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ conversation and start to identify the right actions to make a difference in your organisation.

The workshop is highly interactive. It designed to use an inclusive approach, starting with who participates and with the style of facilitation and commitment to follow through beyond the workshop.

Participants will learn from each other about what it feels like to be in a minority as well as a majority in the organisation.

The aim is to have perspectives, voices and experiences shared to build more understanding, from which the group can begin to formulate plans for addressing greater diversity and inclusion.




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