Super Power You

One powerful day of development to develop your vision of high-performance success, and the mindset, routines, habits, and behaviours to achieve it.

Its NOT JUST a day - There is inspiration, information and internalising to do before the day and lots of resources available to you online after the day.

This development day is for - Directors, Business Owners, Senior Managers - anyone in a Leadership role wanting to achieve more success for less stress!

Invest in this development day and make a transformational shift in your performance potential!

Join Claire Walton, Peak Performance Coach and Best-selling author of ‘Super Neuro You’ on 1st November 2022 and learn how to achieve more success for less stress!

Most leadership development is aimed at core leadership skills such as how to be more strategic, how to effectively manage individuals and lead teams.

Most of you know the ‘How’ of leadership but YOU are probably getting in the way of you delivering these effectively.

This day is an opportunity for you to stop getting in the way of your potential to consistently perform at your best.

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Participating in Super Power You is your opportunity to:

  • Develop a Mindset for Success
  • Clarify your Vision of Success
  • Identify your Massively Transformative Purpose
  • Determine your Personal Peak Performance Strategy (PPS)
  • Walk away with a Toolkit full of practical tools for delivering on your PPP strategy
  • Grow your tribe of like-minded leaders to support & encourage you beyond the day

I will be joined by other specialists who can help you boost performance through:

  • Food
  • Movement & breathwork for performance
  • The power of laughter

Delegates are expected to fully participate and not just attend. Be prepared to think deeply, challenge themselves and be open to practicing some new approaches and making commitments.

Not convinced yet? Read what Liam has to say about his experience on my Super Neuro You coaching programme.

I would highly recommend Super Neuro You coaching, for anyone who wants to invest in a journey of self-improvement and really discover some tools and techniques that can help them to deliver more effectively whilst navigating all of those things that can get in the way. 

Claire offers expertly relevant industry experience, insight and delivers in a style that is personable, effective and fun. Her programme encourages self-reflection, a deeper understanding of what your goals are and then the action required to connect you with your own version of high-performance.

Claire has really helped me as a leader to understand and connect with my goals, to be authentic and develop a mindset of how I want to achieve success. The coaching has really benefited my career, my team and my family but most of all my whole way of approaching daily life. 

Liam O'Mahony
Regional General Manager, Ocado Group 

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy Matthew is an amazing human with a zest for life, self-leadership and performance potential. Having held various senior leadership roles for many years in large corporations, Dorothy now coaches people to live ‘Fabulous Forever”. 

Dorothy will be providing practical approaches for Fuelling yourself to help you perform at your best including “How to use ‘Breathing techniques” to regulate your nervous system.

You can find out more about Dorothy here

 Fabulous Forever

The Venue

A 5-star venue for developing 5-star performance  

When planning for 5-star performance we need to be in a 5-star venue, therefore I have chosen the Rockliffe Suite at Rockliffe Hall Hotel.

The day will start at 8.30 for arrival and registration and meeting other participants.

We will close the day at 18.00 with the bar being open for anyone who wants to continue the conversation.

Throughout the day we will boost your performance with regular breaks & healthy refreshments and lunch provided.

We will also get you moving around and meeting different people to enable you to identify likeminded people to support you beyond the day and to boost your performance with a regular change of perspective and physical movement.


Your Super Neuro me gift bag

Participants will receive a Super Neuro Me gift bag including a copy of Super Neuro You and the Journal Super Neuro Me, a leather bookmark, a room spray and a gift voucher for 10% off a programme of 12 hours coaching taken within 12 months of the event date. Participants will also be given online access to the resources shared on the day and bonus resources to support further development.

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Date for your diary

1st November 2022

Delegate rate

£595 plus vat

Early bird pricing £495 plus vat

Organisations booking 8 or more places will receive an additional 10% discount.

If you are booking on behalf of an organisation please 


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Read what some of Claire’s clients are saying

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  • I firmly believe that everyone has a period in their lives where they struggle. For a multitude of reasons, we try to fathom out the, what? Why? When? and how? but often the hardest part can be the 'who?'.  For me 'who' related to 'who can I speak to?', 'who will understand?', 'who will help me?' etc. By pure chance, a friend introduced me to Claire, and straight away I'd found my 'who'. All of the other questions that I was struggling to solve on my own were then also answered. She helped me rediscover the person I used to be, and ultimately the person I wanted to be moving forward. For that, I cannot thank her enough. She will always remain affectionately known as 'my Fixer'.

    Karl Pemberton

    Managing Director – Active Financial Planners

  • Wow, when it comes to superpowers Claire has them in abundance! Her ability to get right to the real heart of a challenge and work with you to solve it is truly transformational. 

    Claire’s impact on me as a leader and as a mother, wife, sister, friend has been amazing. I’m more confident, collaborative, open, curious and able to embrace life’s opportunities. We also have a lot of laughs along the way

    Buy the book, read the book, do the work – it will make a difference. Here’s to all our superpowers!”

    Helen Smith

    Chief Commercial Officer – Co-op Life Services

  • I would describe Claire’s approach as eclectic and very client led. She works with what you present to her and has such breadth of knowledge! I can honestly say that one session has been life changing for me, it left me feeling like a ball and chain had been released!

    If I had to describe Claire in one word I’d use phenomenal! If you want to work with an exec coach who will take you to a place you didn’t know you were capable of going and who will help you to transform your life, whether that be in a personal sense or at work, Claire is the one for you. She is by a million miles the best coach I have ever had.

    Lorraine Masters

    Deputy Director Organisational Development Northumbria University

  • As someone who is somewhat early on in their career, Claire has helped me completely alter my approach to how I envision the role I’m in, the team around me, my future goals & how the small & tangible skills I’ve been taught over the course of my sessions can have significant impact in the supporting of both my personal and professional growth.

    Claire’s methods have given me the tools to incorporate into my day to day that have helped develop my skills in team management and overcoming challenges with integrity & empathy, always ensuring I take moments out of my day to ‘Inflate and breathe’ and refresh my perceptions. I’ve appreciated having a space to grow as I build my personal brand and develop in my role.

    Emma Storey Harris


  • A few years ago, I was looking for coaching as my business was growing and I felt I was lacking in the confidence required to take us forward and keep my team motivated and engaged. 

    Claire was an outstanding listener! I had a lot in my head and Claire listened patiently to help me identify where I really needed help. She gave me theory, backed up with practical exercises that tackled my personal challenges including that old favourite – imposter syndrome! Claire had the right balance of empathy and understanding combined with action focus and practical solution. She motivated me to help myself and inspired me to stick with her recommendations and tell her when they worked. I learned techniques that led to  lightbulb moments and changed me as a leader. My confidence grew and I still use those techniques now. Claire’s expertise and approach were the perfect combination of support and challenge. I highly recommend her to any leaders looking to develop their own skills and self-awareness.

    Maureen Brown

    Managing Director - Sullivan Brown Resourcing

Making A Difference 

Raising funds for charity – My Sisters Place

5% of all profits will go directly to My Sisters Place. We will also be accepting donations on the day.

Our fantastic sponsors supporting this amazing leadership development event

Karl Pemberton - Managing Director - Active Financial Planners

“Both individually, and as a business, we are passionate about making sure people are ‘doing well’ as well as performing well in our leadership roles.

Leading such busy lives, we will have all been guilty of just saying that we are fine when we are not. Recognising how to make sure we and our teams keep performing in all aspects of our lives is paramount, so supporting an initiative such as this is extremely important to us.

Maureen Brown - Managing Director - Sullivan Brown Resourcing Partners

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring this event with Claire. The current ‘great awakening’ of people has a huge impact on engagement and retention of colleagues, and as leaders, it’s key that we have our finger on the pulse of what matters and how we impact those around us.

People’s expectations have changed and as a leader, it’s never been more important to role model in the right way. Taking time to develop ourselves, to deliver the best outcomes and results for our teams and businesses isn’t a luxury, it’s a must!

It can be hard to find time for self-development so we’re excited to support this event which will deliver so much in just one day.” 

Paul Riggall - Director JBC Accountants 

“In the short space of time that I’ve been working with Claire, I can already see the positive impact that the time we spend together is having on my business. The opportunity to support an event which will be attended by so many likeminded individuals was too good an opportunity to miss out on”