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PHOTO-2021-04-21-22-36-13Do you feel stuck in an exhausting pattern of behaviour? Do you have more to offer but not the energy to offer it? Do you hold on to the past, worry about the future and miss out on the present? Do you have parts of you that sabotage your success, happiness and health? Do you want to be a positive role model for others? Do you want to become a superpowered version of you? Are you prepared to invest in a journey of self-discovery?

Follow Laura’s coaching journey with me. Learn how to access your Superpowers, be your Highest Potential Self and achieve more success for less stress!

Whilst reading the book you also have access to tons of resources using a password in the book, which will lead you back to an exclusive resources section in this website. Try exercises to help you boost your Superpowers and manage your Superpower zappers. The story in the book is about a woman, however the lessons she learns apply to all genders and backgrounds in my experience working with clients.

You can also buy the Journal ‘Super Neuro Me’ and make your own notes as you read, learn, try the exercises and learn some more. Also available on Amazon.

  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    “Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Seeing the coaching journey through the lens of Laura made this a really different style and together with the practical exercises it’s a great and very digestible read.”

    HR Director

  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    “Great read! A great guide to achieving your Highest Potential Self and the science to back up the exercises. The story is relatable (even to a man!). With access to all the resources on the website, it is excellent value for money, giving you everything you need to achieve your highest potential self! Highly recommend!”

    (Amazon review)

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