Super Neuro You! 

Group Coaching to improve self-leadership

This 12-week interactive programme is all about self-leadership and discovering your Highest Potential Self…HPS for short

When your HPS is accessed, you’re able to perform more effectively in every aspect of life - whether your focus is on being a leader in your workplace, relationships, community, or even yourself

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How to tell if your HPS will benefit from this programme:

  1. Are you feeling stuck in an exhausting pattern of behaviour?
  2. Do you have more to offer but not the energy to do it?
  3. Are there parts of you that sabotage your success, happiness, and health?
  4. Do you hold on to the past, worry about the future and miss out on the present?
  5. Have you always wanted to become a positive role model for others?
  6. Can you envision a superpowered version of you?

Answer yes to these questions?

You’re one step closer to becoming the leader you deserve to be!

My mission

For those who are new to Super Neuro You, I’m Claire - founder of Leaders are MAD, author, and the coach who will be leading this 12-week series of lessons aimed at bringing out your Highest Potential Self (HPS).

I reference that acronym quite a bit because as someone who has learnt from the best and worst of the workplace, I am compelled to help clients unlock their full potential and make a difference for themselves and subsequently for others. I designed this programme for people who are self-motivated leaders and would like the guidance, support and step-by-step approach to achieve more -  and if you aren’t someone who identifies as a traditional leader, that’s okay too. My goal for this 12-week programme is to teach you all the ways in which we can pull out the very best qualities within us and use them to achieve success in every way possible.

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At the end of the 12-weeks, you will...

Have developed a greater sense of yourself, your role in the workplace/home, and the difference you want to make for yourself and others

Be a master of practical methods which allow you to access the 9 superpowers of your HPS

Determine what has the potential to zap your superpowers and practical approaches to manage these zappers

Understand what/who really matters to you and how to use this awareness to enhance these values/relationships

Feel new confidence in your ability to show up and lead from your HPS

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What to expect during the programme


This is NOT a webinar or training course - it is a group coaching programme where participation is critical to success.

There will be homework after each lesson. You will be asked to share some of your practice and insights with the group in the following session. The homework is key, homework is designed to get you thinking, reflecting, planning or practicing. None of it is ‘marked’. There are no tests with this programme.








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Would you love to be included in this group of likeminded people but are wondering...

Do I have the time to commit?

Can I make up the time if I miss a session?

Is there anything for me to contribute without having previous knowledge of self-leadership?

Will I fit into the group?

Am I deserving enough for this?


To help you answer ...YES!

The time commitment is 90 minutes per week in session and another 60 minutes minimum for homework. This is the same as the average 2 hours and 32 minutes per day spent on social media in 2021, with 2 minutes to spare!

You can access the recorded session(s) that you missed. Just remember that 75% attendance is required to create value for you.

Experience in leadership or even knowledge on the subject is not necessary for my programme. Your contributions during the sessions can be pulled from any life experience you have as we cover various subjects.

This group is just like you, everyone wants to make a difference for themselves and achieve a positive ripple effect for others, so you belong here just as much as anyone else.



“Although I have worked with Claire for a relatively short period of time, it is no exaggeration to say Claire has transformed how I approach both challenges and priorities within my role and the pressures we all face as part of normal life…” - Debi Bailey - CEO NEAT Academy Trust

“As a coaching client of Claire for many years now, I have found that she is versatile and adaptable to ensure that I get exactly what I need from our sessions. She offers structure and transparency so that it is clear to all the key stakeholders what results her coaching interventions are intended to bring…” - Gareth Thomas – People and OD Director Brandon Trust

“I’ve been working with Claire as a coach for the past 3 years. We’ve worked through many different scenarios from transitioning bosses to leaving a role and onwards to securing my dream role and everything in between. Her approach is practical, holistic, and focused on ensuring you are being truly honest with yourself in all aspects of your life…” - Helen Smith – Chief Commercial Officer – Co-op Life Services


Click below for a FREE taster video - an introduction to the Superpowers of the programme and where I will share more detail about the 12-weeks and what to expect


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Investing in your self-leadership will make a difference not just to you, it will create a ripple effect and benefit those you lead and influence

The programme cost is £500 plus VAT (paid upfront or in 3 monthly instalments). This is the same investment as having a 2-hour online one-to-one coaching session with me!


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