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Content is based on the coaching sessions in Laura's story in my best selling book - Super Neuro You. 

Over 12 weeks you can learn how to achieve your highest potential self and build peak performance strategies into your life and work, creating a positive ripple effect for others.


Experience one hour of coaching every week

  • Gain self awareness
  • Gain clarity
  • Learn tools and techniques for peak performance

Be prepared for homework every week - Peak Performance requires commitment to do the work needed to create change

I am with you all the way!


Not only will you be Making A Difference for yourself but also for others.

Having a sense of purpose drives our motivation for the work required to achieve the success we want for ourselves.

Understanding our values, strengths and passions helps us to find that Purpose.


Alongside purpose we also need to have a clear vision of success.

I will help you craft your vision for your ideal future and translate this into goals.

We will also work through the 'excess baggage' you are carrying around that is making achieving this ideal more stressful than it needs to be.


I will introduce you to the science behind showing up as your Highest Potential Self, which enables peak performance.

You will need to be committed to practice, practice, practice the methods, processes and techniques required.


At the heart of achieving your highest potential self are Nine Superpowers.

I will coach you through accessing these superpowers to enable you to achieve your HPS and enable peak performance.

You will have strategies to develop these superpowers and access them when you need them most.


Understanding when and how you get in your own way is critical to peak performance and achieving more success for less stress.

Identifying your protector parts is a Game changer!

I will coach you to find the parts that often get in the way and learn how to work with these parts of you to help you rather than hinder your performance and potential.


Every week we will build on the week before.

The combination of one to one coaching, exercises, practice and self reflection each week will ensure you find new insights, develop new ways of being and doing and achieve new, improved results.


Every week you will begin to feel more powerful, more capable and less stressed!

The 12 weeks is full of practical, science based approaches to enable you to create sustainable change in performance in your work and in life.


Once you understand the nine superpowers and how simple and yet critical they are to achieving more success for less stress you will be eager to identify how to boost them and see more success week by week!


You will become so driven by your purpose and vision of success you will not want to stop or slow down your progress to achieving your goals.

Understanding the potential zappers of your superpowers is critical. Practicing strategies to manage them is even more so.


Understanding how you get in the way of yourself and how to stop doing this is transformational to your performance, your potential and your wellbeing.

You will start to notice where, when and how you are getting in the way of yourself and have a toolbox full of strategies for managing these.


Practicing daily reflection is a fundamental part of learning and changing. 

We cannot achieve a sustainable uplift in our performance without understanding what is working and what is not and at quite a granular level. 

Reflection helps us to maintain our motivation to change.

When reflecting however, I will remind you to focus on progress, not perfection!

  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    “Working with 'MAD' has definitely been a great experience. Claire has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter. Her coaching style is insightful and genuinely uplifting. She has a constructively direct, intuitive approach that really helps teams face the challenges before them and then to navigate an appropriate strategic direction. Claire is flexible in her methods and seeks regular feedback to ensure full engagement....and she is not afraid to change tack if that is the right thing to do.
    I have had the pleasure of working with Claire both in a personal capacity as well as part of the senior leadership team. In both scenarios, I have found her to be genuine and appropriately challenging. Definitely, not afraid to say it as she sees it but equally set in an agreed framework so that her coaching is received well and not defensively. In my 121 coaching Claire has helped me to understand others in far more colour, helping me to reflect about my interactions and approach to get the best out of my relationships with others. Claire has also challenged me to take a more determined look at my career choices which has been a real 'eye opening' experience.
    The difference Claire has made to me is simply to re-assess my goals and to strive harder in my achievement. She has made me realise where my motivation lies and has helped shine a light on the path to realise that ambition. ”

    CEO, Benenden Health

  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    Although I have worked with Claire for a relatively short period of time, it is no exaggeration to say Claire has transformed how I approach both challenges and priorities within my role and the pressures we all face as part of normal life.

    As CEO of a multi academy trust, my experience was steeped in school leadership, through Claire's breadth of experience and skills as a coach, she has challenged and supported me to be my 'best self' and reflect on how I enable colleagues across the organisation to be their 'best self'.

    I find Claire authentic, professional and honest and her expertise in coaching is enabling me to be a curious, confident and courageous leader. ”

    CEO, Academy Trust

  • Leaders are making a difference Ltd

    “I firmly believe that everyone has a period in their lives where they struggle. For a multitude of reasons, we try to fathom out the, what? Why? When? and how? but often the hardest part can be the 'who?'. For me 'who' related to 'who can I speak to?', 'who will understand?', 'who will help me?' etc. By pure chance, a friend introduced me to Claire, and straight away I'd found my 'who'. All of the other questions that I was struggling to solve on my own were then also answered. She helped me rediscover the person I used to be, and ultimately the person I wanted to be moving forward. For that, I cannot thank her enough. She will always remain affectionately known as 'my Fixer'.”

    CEO, Active Financial

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