“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.

John F Kennedy

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Knowing your purpose

Step 1

Consider what you are deeply passionate about 

What is it that matters to you MOST of all? (Try to list up to 10 things)

Get curious! Think about things you love, what do you love doing so much you lose track of time? What do you spend your free time doing? What do you prioritise money for? What makes you feel your most authentic you? Be specific. For example: Health - mental health - anxiety, Helping others - other leaders to overcome their negative beliefs, Being creative - writing stories and drawing.

Step 2

Look for the overlaps. Where might your interest in anxiety, helping leaders overcome negative beliefs, story writing and drawing come together?

Step 3

Consider what the world/your community/or your organisation needs?

What do you consider an important world issue that needs more people attending to? What makes you angry, sad or excited to want to contribute to in some way. For example: Racial Discrimination, Poverty, Children's education.

Step 4

Consider your unique contribution

What are your greatest strengths? Consider your achievements, reflect on your feedback?

Look for the overlaps in your strengths and your passions. Write these down. How can your strengths and passions contribute to what the world needs? Write this down.

Step 5

Consider your ideal Life

How can you apply your unique contribution to what you are passionate about and what's needed whilst creating the lifestyle you want?

And Finally...

Do you want this to be your legacy? (If not think again) If yes why?

If No, think again.


Watch this video to find out why clarity of purpose is important

It is difficult to be happy without having a sense of purpose. A lack of purpose is a common and significant reason for depression. Feeling a sense of purpose, value to the world, or at least a small part of the world makes us feel safe, protected by the fact we have value to others, our life has meaning, and we have a reason to show up as our Highest Potential Self.

Resources to help you find your purpose

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Start with Why


I love the way author Simon Sinek describes purpose. He talks about finding your 'Why'. This is your reason for 'What' you do and 'How' you do it. How and What follow your Why.

Even if you don't know exactly How you will achieve something or even What you want to achieve, if your path starts with Why everything starts to make sense from there. 

The image to your right is Sinek's Golden Circle using his often quoted Apple example. We can start with Why for an organisation and we can also start with Why for ourselves.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson