An introduction to coaching

01Coaching is a powerful way to achieve less stress, increased confidence, skill development and performance. I take a whole person approach to helping leaders enhance their personal and professional lives.

MAD coaching is collaborative, bespoke, solution-focused, results orientated, systemic and challenging. I encourage self-directed, evidence-based learning, which incorporates ethical professional practice.

I apply approaches based on the neuroscience of change to inform how I coach and enabling my clients. I am informed by what science is telling us about how our brains and nervous systems are wired and can adapt, and how we can leverage these to achieve significant and sustainable change. 

The benefits of coaching

To the individual: Coaching clients benefit from working with me using; the discipline of focused time, space & research based tools and techniques to enable the client to make desired changes. Typical outcomes are: increased confidence, performance improvement, career development, enhanced life experience, wellbeing and resilience.

To the Organisation: When working with a client organisation the benefits of coaching to the organisation are identified and return on investment is identified and can, where appropriate be tracked.

Types of coaching

I provide coaching in many contexts, including: Emotional Regulation, Resilience and Stress management, Behaviour change, Skills Development, Enabling Confidence and Career Coaching. I can also provide 360 assessment and feedback using a range of tools and approaches. I am an accredited user of the full range of Human Synergistics products.

Coaching credentials

I have 21 years experience as an Executive coach and facilitator, enabling leaders to achieve organisational and personal goals. I have an MBA, a post-graduate coaching qualification – ‘Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Performance Coaching’ and I am qualified in Level A and B Psychometrics, MBTI. I am an NLP-Business Practitioner and an Enhanced Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence. I am also qualified in the ‘Emotions and Behaviour at Work’ EBW assessment tool.

As a mature individual, who has experienced many different career and life situations I can empathise with a diverse range of people and situations. Having worked in a variety of organisations and sectors, in an Executive role, I am well equipped to coach and mentor other Executives.

I have been an Executive Director in several organisations, including:  Dixons Stores International, WHSmiths, Ventura, Carlsberg, Quorn Foods, Ideal Stelrad. I have worked with a diverse range of clients including: UBS Wealth Management UK, Arriva Trains Wales, DAS, BAE systems, Sitel UK Asset Resolution, Business Link, Hospedia, Convergys, Connaught PLC, Marketing Leeds, Barclays Bank, Tarmac UK, Concentrix, Northern Rail, East West Rail, Chiltern Railways, Home Group, Bernicia, Northumbria University, Brandon Trust, Active Financial, Tees Components, Connect Health, Benenden Health, Morrisons Supermarkets.

I work across all disciplines, from CEO to Risk and Compliance. My clients are Board, Executive or aspiring Executive Directors. All clients are unique therefore my approach is bespoke. However, all clients have one thing in common. They want to optimise their performance.

Achieve more success for less stress

With my help, my clients are constantly developing themselves to achieve more performance for less time, energy and stress.

The difference you can expect to gain in leadership can be: greater confidence, trust, clarity, focus, energy, resilience, fulfilment, personal growth and personal efficiency. You can also expect: less overwhelm, stress. inner conflict, frustration, anger, resentment, anxiety, procrastination and loneliness. In a leadership role this creates a ripple effect of more engaged, productive, effective team and organisation, Increased sales, decreased risk, increased profit, happier customers, happier shareholders

Identifying Unique Contributions…Makes A Difference

One of the biggest drivers of engagement for an employee or any other stakeholder is the opportunity to use their unique talents to make a difference to the world around them, in other words to achieve a sense of purpose. This is demonstrated by the amount of time people spend outside work volunteering or achieving in sport or another interest.

Unfortunately many organisation's do not make it easy for people to contribute their best self. In many cases employees describe how the organisation is preventing them from contributing effectively. This if often because they are kept in the wrong job, not given the right tools, or having to follow inappropriate policies and processes. Employees need to work in a culture where they are empowered to offer their strengths and break through and break down the barriers to their optimum contribution.

I can work with you to help you understand your passion, personality preferences and strengths, align these with the organisation’s needs and translate this into an impact plan to enable you to achieve your purpose whilst contributing to the organisation’s purpose.

I do this through one to one coaching including psychometric questionnaires and 360.

Personality assessment...Makes A Difference

Leaders need to have a high degree of self-awareness and understanding of how others are similar to them and different to them. Self-awareness helps you to manage your emotions and behaviour more effectively and create positive impact without negatively affecting your own wellbeing. Understanding of others helps you to optimise positive impact on people and minimise stress on you.

Personality instruments are an essential part of your toolkit, to help you understand yourself and others better. I use the MBTI instrument as it is the best-known and most trusted personality assessment on the market. The MBTI instrument provides a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. 

Emotions and Behaviour at Work...Makes A Difference

Leadership research tells us that lack of emotional regulation, poor interpersonal skills and the inability to adapt are principal derailment factors in leadership careers. Leaders should spend more of time understanding others and creating the conditions for others to be resilient and achieve performance breakthroughs.

For leaders, understanding and gaining an accurate insight into how emotions impact on performance and being able to do something with that knowledge (developing and using their EQ) is now recognised as the key to realising the full potential of an organisation’s human capital. Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in Leaders who are MAD.

The EBW assessment system assesses a Leaders business emotional intelligence and how this impacts on leadership capability.

Make a difference in your first 100 days

I recognise the importance of getting the first 100 days right in a new leadership role. When we are appointed to a new role we want to Make A Difference quickly and often we can be in such a rush to do this that we neglect to manage ourselves effectively and create negative consequences for ourselves and for others.

Some common pitfalls are: acting on early and inaccurate assumptions, spending insufficient time getting to know key people - know their value and judge their needs and responses, ignoring our own health and wellbeing by trying too hard.

I can help you Make A Difference for you and your organisation and achieve a perfect start to your new role with MAD in First 100 Day Coaching.

This coaching programme can include 360, psychometrics, purpose, vision and values review, personal DNA, stakeholder diagnostics, strategy alignment, disciplined focus and personal development planning and more.

Career Transitions that...Make A Difference

More and more executives are making the transition into alternative career models such as contracting, interim, consulting and non executive roles or deciding to start their own business or even a combination of some of the above. The transition from executive to any of these new career models can be challenging and is most effective when having the support of a coach throughout the thinking, planning and doing process.

Not only do I have experience as an executive but also experience of making such a transition and therefore coaching and mentoring can be offered where appropriate.

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