Coaching Options & Fees

All coaching can be carried out virtually or ‘in-person’. The rates provided below are online rates. ‘In person rates’ vary dependent upon travel costs and number of people seen in a single visit.

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Regular Coaching - Pay as You Go - From £300 plus VAT

To make a significant difference in your performance you are going to need to invest in regular coaching for a period of at least 6 months., ideally 12 months.

However, you or your organisation may want to be more agile in the way you approach coaching. This is fine. You can work with me on a Pay as You Go basis. 

This way you can have your sessions as frequently and for as long as you want them.

Whilst £300 is the minimum hourly rate initial sessions are recommended for 2 hours to enable the relationship building, deep dive into self awareness and alignment of motivations.

Sessions can be tailored to you and your needs.

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12-month Leadership development - coaching -
£6999 plus VAT

This programme is for new leaders or leaders wanting to refresh and build on their leadership skills. The programme includes a 360 report, a personality questionnaire, an appraisal of leadership purpose, vision and values and a deep dive into character strengths. We will also cover, leadership edge, performance metrics, performance goals, professional relationships and any other behavioural development needs arising. This is a coaching programme rather than a training programme therefore the emphasis is on the client working with me to identify their specific development needs and personalised approaches based on input given by me, on proven leadership theory and practice.

The programme consists of 12 x 2-hour coaching sessions plus handouts and slides, a 360 report (Leadership Impact) and personality (MBTI) and strengths questionnaires.

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Super Neuro You - 12 weeks - £4995 plus VAT

This is a series of coaching sessions based on the journey Laura takes with me in the book, ‘Super Neuro You’ - I will help you discover your Highest Potential Self - access your superpowers and learn to boost them whilst managing your superpower zappers.

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Leadership reflection – one off - one to one session -
From £600 plus VAT

Leaders have been focussed on the needs of others for many months now. It is apparent that most leaders are not focussed enough on their own challenges and needs. This 2 hour online coaching session is designed to give leaders a safe space time and a qualified ear to allow them time to think. To think out aloud, express their emotions and gain perspective. Participants are encouraged to commit to a plan to ensure they continue to look after their needs beyond the coaching session.

Whilst this 2-hour session can work very effectively as a one-off intervention, further sessions can be arranged if required, 

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Overcoming Challenges– £3500 plus VAT

As a Coach and Mentor, I provide clients with safe place to address fears, stress, frustrations, and all other emotions that can be an obstacle to delivering on accountabilities and can be a source of distress and a negative spiral of confidence and performance.

Using evidence-based techniques from neuroscience I can help you to deal with the challenges you face and share techniques for you to apply to future challenges to get you back on a positive spiral of confidence and performance.

You should expect the sessions to take place over a period of 3 - 6 months depending on the pace you want to work at.

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Challenging your biases – 2x one to one sessions 
£1200 plus VAT 

We all have biases. It is part of being human and our evolutionary instincts to stay safe and survive. You may not be out and out racist, sexist or ageist or have any other significantly overt discriminatory behaviour. You are likely to demonstrate microinequities in your behaviour that give away your biases and impact your performance and the performance of others. 

We will spend 2 –x 2-hour sessions together exploring your biases in a safe place with each other, where you will not be judged, you will be understood, and you will be able to understand yourself. You will learn about your biases with me, raise your awareness of what they are and how they manifest in your day-to-day decisions and relationships. Learn how they are holding you back from achieving your full potential and commit to practicing new habits and creating real behaviour change. 

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