Super Neuro You!  Group Coaching Programme

Starts September 7th 2021 - Limited places!

Do you want more success for less stress and make a difference for yourself and others?

  • Do you feel stuck in an exhausting pattern of behaviour?
  • Do you have more to offer but not the energy to for it?hero 06
  • Do you hold on to the past, worry about the future and miss out on the present?
  • Do you have parts of you that sabotage your success, happiness, and health?
  • Do you want to be a positive role model for others?
  • Do you want to become a superpowered version of you?

Are you prepared to invest in a journey of self-discovery?

You may be a leader in an organisation who wants to be a better leader, improve your confidence, relationships, time management, focus and results.

You don’t have to be a leader in a traditional sense.

This programme is about self-leadership. It is about helping you to discover your highest potential self (HPS). When your HPS shows up you perform more effectively in any context, work, family, sports, and community roles.

Your HPS is a ‘stress less’ more energised and focused version of you!

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the version that shows up though.

In this programme you will: 

hero 04Develop a greater sense of the difference you want to make for yourself and others and how you will feel when you achieve this.

Work out what really matters to you, what you value and from this you can also work out who you value, who adds value for you and who doesn’t.

Learn practical methods to access the 9 superpowers of your HPS.

Learn, practice, and embed techniques to boost these superpowers.

Understand what has the potential to zap your superpowers and practical approaches to manage these zappers.

How the group coaching programme works:

  • Discover your HPS with me and other likeminded people
  • Invest 18 hours with me over 12 weeks
  • 90 minute highly interactive sessions - 12.30-14.00 every Tuesday from September 7th for 12 weeks
  • Work through more than 25 exercises to explore how to achieve your HPS and how to boost those superpowers
  • Benefit from the support of up to 39 other group members during the workshops and through the private community area (You DONOT need Facebook).
  • Benefit from the structure, discipline, accountability, and support designed into this programme.

Are you ready to invest your time in achieving more success?

This programme is NOT a webinar or a training course. It a group coaching programme. This is  fundamentally different and so much more effective in helping you make a difference.

I will lead each of the 12 workshops, but this is very much a participatory experience, no hiding behind a screen with cameras off and doing your emails whilst listening along. You will learn from me, from your own self-reflection and from sharing experiences and ideas from the rest of the group.

You are required to attend at least 75% of the sessions. So, make sure you can provide the dedication to the programme.

There will be homework. This programme is fantastic value for money, and you will make a difference for yourself, and others provided you invest time to do the exercises in between sessions and practice what you learn. You will be asked to share some of your practice and insights in the sessions.

Investing in your self-leadership will make a difference not just to you, it will create a ripple effect of benefit to those you lead or influence.

The programme cost is £500 plus VAT, paid upfront or in 3 monthly instalments.

This is the same investment as having a 2-hour online one -to-one coaching session with me!

If you’re ready to sign up now go ahead - I love your commitment to you!

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Do you need to hear more from me before you’re convinced then that’s fair enough. It’s a big investment in your time so you need to know we will work well together, and I don’t have a voice you can’t deal with for the best part of 18 hours and 12 weeks!

Click below for a free taster video - An introduction to the Superpowers. I will also share more detail about the programme and what to expect. Enjoy!

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Still not sure and want to try the book instead? That’s understandable, the book is amazing value. 

You might also want to buy the Journal too to make your own notes whilst reading about Laura’s Journey and completing the exercises for yourself.

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Now you have had time to think about it would you prefer to jump straight into one to one coaching? That’s great, book an ‘Initial Consultation’ using 'Book Now' in the space below.