A Powerful Workshop for Leaders in Progressive Organisations 

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Includes access to a membership site with tonnes of extra resources to support delegates after the workshop

You provide the venue


It doesn't have to feel like this!

Today’s time-starved leaders need practical and powerful self-leadership strategies to perform at their peak.

SUPER POWER YOU! offers more than a workshop - 

Delegates will also gain access to a membership site with resources to compliment what they learn of the day.

The site is full of powerful, practical resources to inspire, inform and improve your leadership performance in the here and now and into the future.


Join Claire Walton for a day of hyper-practical performance insight and tools...

Participating in Super Power You is an opportunity to:

  • Develop a Mindset for Success
  • Clarify a Vision of Success
  • Identify a Massively Motivational Purpose
  • Determine a Personal Peak Performance Strategy (PPPS)
  • Leave with a Toolkit full of practical tools for delivering on a Personal Peak Peak Performance Strategy (PPPS)

Outline for the day

  • Introductions
  • The Power of Neurobiology
  • The Power of Motivation
  • The Power of Goal Stacking
  • The Performance Basics
  • Lunch
  • The Power of Focus and Flow
  • The Power of Environment
  • Blast those Superpower Zappers
  • Your Peak Performance Strategy

We can taylor the content for your specific audience and needs


The Workbook


We provide all delegates with a helpful workbook to guide them through the day and the content.

Delegates capture notes and complete exercises in the workbook.

Here is one delegate who loved heres so much she took two!


claire 2

Hello, I'm Claire Walton.

I am founder of Leaders Are Making A Difference. Find out more about me and Leaders are MAD here

I have designed this unique development day to enable people to make a transformational shift in performance potential!

Most leadership development is aimed at core leadership skills such as how to be more strategic, how to effectively manage individuals and lead teams.

Most leaders know the ‘How’ of leadership but are probably getting in the way of themselves delivering these effectively.

This day is an opportunity for people to stop getting in the way of their potential to consistently perform at their best.

I can also arrange for Guest Speakers to add extra value & interest for delegates

I have worked with each of these guest speakers previously and can arrange for them to joint he day at an extra cost. This can be agreed depending on your needs and availability and budget.

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy Matthew is an amazing human with a zest for life, self-leadership and performance potential.

Having held various senior leadership roles for many years in large corporations, Dorothy now coaches people to live ‘Fabulous Forever”. 

Dorothy will be providing practical approaches to use “The Power of Your Breath” to help you regulate your nervous system and resource your self for peak performance.

You can find out more about Dorothy and how she helps people here


Meet Angela

Angela Beecroft is a Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner. BSc(Hons), RN, Dip HV, Dip ION, AFMCP (London) mBANT. mCHNC. 

Angela has been practicing Functional Nutrition for 20 years at clinics in North Yorkshire, Stockton on Tees and the Harley Street, London.

She has a special interest in the microbiome and the influence of gut health on brain chemistry, cognition and optimal ageing.

Angela will be providing practical approaches to use “The Power of Your Gut” to fuel peak performance.

You can find out more about Angela and how she helps people here


Meet Robin

Robin Graham co-founded the UK Laughter Network (2004-2014), in 2011 he set up Feelgood Communities CIC, and has been running the UK Laughter Championships since 2012. 

He is an International Laughter Ambassador and has an MA in Health and Happiness Awareness (giving him a MAHAHA after his name). Robin is also an honorary chief in a community in Ghana.

A poet, playwright, and certified gibberish professor, his physiology is unique: he is made up from 50% chocolate, 50% cheese, and 100% of a substance called love.

Robin will provide “The Power of Laughter” and show us how we can access this valuable resource when we need it to help us achieve peak performance.

You can find out more about Robin here

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Read what James has to say about his experience on Super Power You

Brilliant day at the Peak Performance Workshop! Claire @ Leaders are MAD had some amazing ideas that I will be using straight away to help my development. The day was really well organised and there were some great speakers.

James Griffiths - Managing Director - IMH UK

This was Sharon’s experience on Super Power You.

I had an excellent experience.  Perhaps more importantly, I have had an excellent experience every day since then.  I feel more motivated, in control, and healthy than I have done in a long time.  My performance at home and at work has changed as a result.  My breathing, diet, exercise, planning, organisation, and overall effectiveness are all better than before.  The 54321 is frankly life-changing!

Claire was a walking, talking, living example of someone at Peak Performance. Outstanding.

Sharon Lane - Managing Director - Tees Components



All workshops can be designed for the specific needs of the clients and the audience.

If you would like to have a conversation to discuss your needs please book a call.