Leaders need to have a high degree of self-awareness and understanding of how others are similar to them and different to them. Self-awareness helps you to manage your emotions and behaviour more effectively and create positive impact without negatively affecting your own wellbeing. Understanding of others helps you to optimise positive impact on people and minimise stress on you.

Personality instruments are an essential part of your toolkit, to help you understand yourself and others better. I use the MBTI instrument as it is the best-known and most trusted personality assessment on the market. The MBTI instrument provides a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. I can provide MBTI assessments and feedback one to one and in team workshops. I also run workshops using the framework of personality preferences as an approach to navigating ourselves and others through stressful times.

Let me help you Make A Difference through better understanding of different personalities.