Discover your strengths

Developing your strengths has been proven to make a bigger difference to performance than developing weaknesses!

“Strengths are defined as “a pre-existing capacity for a particular

way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is authentic and energising to

the user, and enables optimal functioning, development, and performance”

- (Linley, 2008, p.9)

Try these exercises below

The Linley Strengths Spotting Protocol

Childhood memories: What do you remember doing as a child that you still do now - but most likely much better? Strengths often have deep roots from our earlier lives.

Energy: What activities give you an energetic buzz when you are doing them? These activities are very likely calling on your strengths.

Authenticity: When do you feel most like the “real you”? The chances are that you will be using your strengths in some way.

Ease: See what activities come naturally to you, and at which you excel - sometimes, it seems, without even trying. These will likely be your strengths.

Attention: See where you naturally pay attention. You’re more likely to focus on things that are playing to your strengths.

Rapid Learning: What are the things that you have picked up quickly, learning them almost effortlessly? Rapid learning often indicates an underlying strength.

Motivation: What motivates you? When you find activities that you do simply for the love of doing them, they are likely to be working from your strengths.

Voice: Monitor your tone of voice. When you notice a shift in passion, energy, and engagement, you’re probably talking about a strength. Words and Phrases: Listen to the words you use. When you’re saying, “I love to…” or “It’s just great when…,” the chances are that it’s a strength to which you are referring.

“To do” lists: Notice the things that never make it onto your “to do” list. The things that always seem to get done often reveal an underlying strength that means we never need to be asked twice.

Write down your answers then try - the Buckingham Strengths Finder Reflection below. 

The Buckingham Strengths Finder Reflection

A strength is a function that you can perform that meets the following criteria:

  • You are great at it, not just “good”
  • Anticipating the activity arouses excitement and positive emotion
  • You find it easy to drop into flow when performing the function
  • Performing the function energises and invigorates you

Watch this quick Video

Try this:

  1. Identify the activities (For example, listening, questioning, high energy)
  2. Identify the associated strength (For example, Facilitating Group Brainstorming Sessions)
  3. Identify the situations in which this strength might be valuable (For example, leading a team through change or leading a group to be creative)