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27th August 2020
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Women are MAD

“Only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and give, for the world I know can be”

Wonder Woman

I love Wonder Woman. When i was a young girl I wanted to be the 1970s/80s version and when I was in my late 40s the new film came out and heard this quote.

I may not be Wonder Woman but I have got to a stage in life where I can accept I am a wonderful woman and this is enough.

Women are MAD…we Make A difference. In so many ways we do this every day. I do this by:

being a supportive and encouraging mother, a trustworthy and trusting partner, a patient and helpful daughter, a caring and interested sister, a loyal and reliable friend, a committed fundraiser, a curious, compassionate and courageous coach, an innovative facilitator, an inspirational speaker, a generous mentor, a committed and generous charitable volunteer, and a helpful and considerate neighbour.

Some days this can be a struggle; facing into childhood trauma, managing menopause symptoms, watching calories, counting steps, practicing deep breathing, practicing mindfulness, managing finances for today and pension planning for retirement, responding to family crisis and friend’s dramas, learning new technology, technology issues, oh and and at the moment Covid!

An important lesson i have learned is this; If you want to Make A Difference for others and not go MAD or get MAD then stop reaching for perfection, love yourself first, make your needs a priority, give generously to yourself and you will be in the best position to give to the world.

If you want help to put you first contact me for coaching focussed on this.