We are all quick to judge others and their behaviour based on our conditioning
27th August 2020
Women are MAD
12th October 2020
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What is your unique contribution?

Understanding and applying your passion, values, knowledge, skills, work and life experience and personality and applying these to your work is how you make a difference in your organisation. This is your unique contribution. This also creates real diversity in the workplace.

Work can be unnecessarily stressful when you are not being authentic, behaving in a way and doing things that do not play to your passions, values and strengths.

If you don’t know what your passions, values and strengths are then use a coach to help you work this through.

If you are a leader then make sure all your team work through and share their unique contributions to get the most from your team. Don’t let current role descriptions and structures get in the way of optimising your team’s performance.