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25th May 2017
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25th May 2017
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Who needs coaching?

One of my clients recently mentioned to her Chairman she was going to start some coaching. The Chairman asked “Why?” and in an accusing tone. The suggestion was that needing coaching was a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, there are many people who see it this way. Would we expect an elite athlete or premier league football team to achieve outstanding results and maintain their competitive edge without a coach if not several? No of course we wouldn’t so why the accusation of weakness when a CEO or other business leader uses a coach?

Success is an outcome achieved by people who have the discipline to focus on not just results but the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions that will deliver those results. Most mortals do not do this without help. Life is full of distractions, obstacles and energy and confidence zapping situations. It takes the superhuman to stay 100% focussed in the complex, ambiguous and uncertain world we live in. Those who live and work to their potential and achieve more success than most hire a coach to support them to bring their best self to the challenge 100% of the time.

I work with clients from a variety of sectors, roles and levels. We work together to agree what success means for them and identify where they need to focus their effort to achieve it. We determine what specifically they need to do and how they will do it. It may not be rocket science and you could argue why don’t they just do it for themselves…they just don’t. I was asked recently why I have a coach and don’t just sit in front of the mirror and coach myself. It would so much cheaper and convenient if this worked, but it doesn’t.

A great coach encourages you to commit the time to thinking, really thinking, challenge your thinking and see the world through different lenses. A great coach will play back what they are hearing and seeing and challenge your contradictions and procrastinations and point out when you appeared most passionate and committed. A great coach will do so much more than just ask you a few questions and get you thinking…although this in itself is incredibly powerful.

My clients are often working on improving, focus, clarity, resilience, confidence, relationships, influence, and motivation to deliver what they know they need to do to achieve success.

Whether you are in a stable role and performing well, new role and off to a good start, transitioning from one role or organisation to another coaching will help you achieve your view of success much more quickly and more easily than trying to work it all out on your own.

So ignore the cynics and the sarcasm and prove them wrong by outperforming expectations and achieving what so few people do, which is achieving your full potential in every aspect of your life and not just work.

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